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School Belles


S: School is great. Playing the violin is my second favorite thing to do after art. I miss the chickens. The coop is being turned into a greenhouse this year.

J: This year, school is hard. There is a lot of homework. Strings is my major and my favorite class.  

Strings Attached

S: The summer camp was fun to go to. I hope to go again next year. 

J: I made some good friends there. I was kind of nervous to do my instrument poem "The Living Dead." I think I did okay.  

Harry Potter and The End of All Ends

S: Part II was great. It was probably the best movie I've ever seen, actually.

Y: I liked when Ron tried to kill the snake. I thought it was good that Harry broke Dumbledore's wand into two pieces and threw them away.

J: It was okay. It was pretty weird. People were kissing suddenly and Snape was crying.


Pomp and Circumstance

Jam Session

J: I was nervous while I was playing the bass because I thought I was going to get some of the notes wrong. The song was going so fast that I had to speed up my pace. Plus, when I had to spin the bass I thought it was going to go slow. At the end, I got a high-five from Ms. Taylor. 

S: I had fun playing "We Will Rock You" on the violin. Everyone watching were cheering. It was a good feeling that they liked it.

Y: I played an alto. When we performed at school, I was getting nervous becuase there were moms and dads were watching. I played well, and I started to get really red when we had to sing! 



Y: I started to get excited when we got to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame to do a performace called "Danny O'Dare Do You Love Me?" We dressed up like bears, recited a poem, and then we danced. I learned The Jitterbug, The Mash Potato, The Twist and The Swim. I think I was the best dancer...yeah!

J: I liked seeing the Michael Jackson's exhibit. My sister was all excited at stuff when she saw his glove. Choosing music to listen to in the booths was nice. While we were eating lunch, airplanes were taking off. A seagull was hanging around trying to get food from people. 

S: It was interesting being at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. We got to see Michael Jackson's clothes. David Bowie and Steven Tyler had weird outfits. An airplane took off while we were eating lunch, and it was Super loud!  


The Windy City

Y: I was happy to take this picture at Willis Tower. I wasn't even scared. I bet you would be! I rode the carousel while my brother and sister rode on a fast swing ride. The science museum was really awesome because you could see babies before they were born.

J: We went to a whole bunch of museums in Chicago and got a lot of exercise walking. Everything looked like ants looking down from Willis Tower. The science museum was cool and Mom wanted to go check out the Operation Room simulation. We saw a giant train set and also went to the DuSable Museum. Everyone had a card key for our hotel room.

S: Chicago was really fun. We got to see old fashioned cars and dinosaurs in museums. We went to the tallest building in the United States called Willis Tower...I don't like that name. Breakfast was the best part of staying at the hotel because I got to make waffles!


So You Think You Can Dance

Y: My brother and I were dancing together as partners. We had to do moves there were a little hard. One was from a soldier dance from South Africa. It was still fun even when we messed up a little bit.

S: We went to a college downtown to go dancing. We learned dances from different cultures around the world.

J: It was fun dancing at the college and learning dances from all over the world. My youngest sister and I were partners when we were learning the Charleston. Some of the moves were kind of corny, no offense.



A Christmas Story

S: Christmas was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY great time. I got new pajamas with red snowflakes on them. Thes best part was getting a new game called "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time."

Y: My brother, sister, and I built the whole Lego castle. I had new pajamas with angels that looked kinda like me. I got a "Zuzu Pet" and "Cooking Mama" game and pink DS.

J: Christmas was fun! We got new Nintendo DS games and also Lego kits. Grandma thought it was going to takes WEEKS to finish. I showed her. It only took under two hours. My Airhogs Jetset kept crashing in the basement. I was dancing to the "Michael Jackson Experience," which is not easy.

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