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A Christmas Story

S: Christmas was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY great time. I got new pajamas with red snowflakes on them. Thes best part was getting a new game called "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time."

Y: My brother, sister, and I built the whole Lego castle. I had new pajamas with angels that looked kinda like me. I got a "Zuzu Pet" and "Cooking Mama" game and pink DS.

J: Christmas was fun! We got new Nintendo DS games and also Lego kits. Grandma thought it was going to takes WEEKS to finish. I showed her. It only took under two hours. My Airhogs Jetset kept crashing in the basement. I was dancing to the "Michael Jackson Experience," which is not easy.

Tags: christmas, christmas '10, holiday, j, s, winter, winter '10, y
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