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The Windy City

Y: I was happy to take this picture at Willis Tower. I wasn't even scared. I bet you would be! I rode the carousel while my brother and sister rode on a fast swing ride. The science museum was really awesome because you could see babies before they were born.

J: We went to a whole bunch of museums in Chicago and got a lot of exercise walking. Everything looked like ants looking down from Willis Tower. The science museum was cool and Mom wanted to go check out the Operation Room simulation. We saw a giant train set and also went to the DuSable Museum. Everyone had a card key for our hotel room.

S: Chicago was really fun. We got to see old fashioned cars and dinosaurs in museums. We went to the tallest building in the United States called Willis Tower...I don't like that name. Breakfast was the best part of staying at the hotel because I got to make waffles!

Tags: '11, j, s, spring, spring '11, travel, y
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