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Y: I started to get excited when we got to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame to do a performace called "Danny O'Dare Do You Love Me?" We dressed up like bears, recited a poem, and then we danced. I learned The Jitterbug, The Mash Potato, The Twist and The Swim. I think I was the best dancer...yeah!

J: I liked seeing the Michael Jackson's exhibit. My sister was all excited at stuff when she saw his glove. Choosing music to listen to in the booths was nice. While we were eating lunch, airplanes were taking off. A seagull was hanging around trying to get food from people. 

S: It was interesting being at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. We got to see Michael Jackson's clothes. David Bowie and Steven Tyler had weird outfits. An airplane took off while we were eating lunch, and it was Super loud!  

Tags: '11, j, s, school, spring, spring '11, y
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