School Daze

Y: So far, I like art and being in the "American Experience" play. I was a little hippie. My costume was cool. It was so fun to dance around and play with Ms. Ria.

J: I like playing the bass, and it's kind of like playing with the blues. It's fun to chase the chickens. In art, we're doing cool things like self-portraits and wreaths. I'm almost on the top reader's list in the library. 

S: This year I've had some fun. I've learned how to play "Jungle Bells" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the violin. At Severance Hall, we got to see different instruments. Our Winter performance was exciting. I played the teacher in "Jesse Owens" where we did motionless pictures.  

Summer Summer Summertime...

Y: I liked playing and eating at camp this summer. We did activities like going to the zoo and roller-skating. I love that place really good! The bowling machine was fun. I played a little pool, too.

J: The camp was fun. I love the roller-skating rink they took us to. Some of the helpers were nice enough to let us play at the pool table. I made a Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi out of ironed beads. All the kids liked it and they were jealous! I had a lot of strikes on the bowling machine. Nottingham Youth Camp, you guys were great!!

S:'s very cool to be somewhere you can play arcade games for free. I liked to play "Enigma 2." I liked being there and hope to go back next summer.  

July Jubilee

Y: Going to see the fireworks was cool. They were loud and kinda scary at first. My glow stick was totally cool.  


J: I had fun making water balloons. I wish I had super-soaker water cannons. The Fourth of July pictures we took were cool.

S: The Fourth of July was great. I took some of these pictures of the fireworks! 




Splash Down


S: Swimming was fun. I’m glad I passed to third level. I’m nervous about diving into the deep end!

J: The summer was sweaty-hot-stinky-smelly! The water made it cooler. We have to dive in level three. I am not looking forward to it!


Y: I swam by myself for the first time! I know how to float.



K. I. T.!!!

S: I liked passing out the flowers and cards to the teachers because they liked it and thought it was cool. This summer, I mostly look forward to swimming.  

Y: I feel so proud that I'm now a First Grader! I hope that I have a great summer. I'm going to miss Ms. Simpson and Mrs. Nayden. Every teacher that's in the building I will miss, too.

J: If the teachers hadn't helped me with the problems I was having at school, Third Grade wouldn't have been good. When some of my friends saw what the other kids were doing, they defended me. I will miss drawing with Mr. Kotouras. He's a splendid art teacher. I hope to see my teachers outside of school over the summer.


AsiaTown 2010

S: Today was great at the Asian Festival. My favorite thing was the doughnuts -- they were good! Next time, I will go back for the dragon puppet. I danced a traditional Japanese dance. 

Y: I like the part were we saw a drummer. And then it got wet and there was lots of rain. The sun rose and the rain and clouds stopped. I loved the dancing. I wish we could stay all day to listen to the music. 

J: When I go back to the Asian Festival, I will play some games like the sumo wrestling and the bouncy castle.

Silver Bells


S: Christmas is Super-duper fantastic! It's so cool, I don't know what to say. Getting my own Nintendo DS was a surprise.

Y: It's been very fun. My favorite is Wii boxing. I knocked out twenty people! Now I'm playing V-Smile.

J: My Christmas is fantastic. We've been playing Nintendo and Wii and having fun. I'm going to be well-behaved so I don't get my DS taken away.








You're Invited!


Y: I was just excited because Y and D came over! There was cheese popcorn and regular popcorn and caramel and a lot of candy that I liked. My favorite part was rolling the big gigantic dice for Scattergories.

S: It was fun. I had a really great time with my classmate J. She gave me a stuffed animal and we played with it.

J: The party was great. I won a Movie Buff trophy for musical chairs. K was my partner while we were playing "Pass The Popcorn."